Measurably better workplace interactions

Our mission

Organizations are simply collections of people, and how they work together determines productivity and ultimately business success. Our mission is transforming the workplace by making the quality of those interactions as effective as they can be.

Increase effectivenesness

Enhance the speed of decision, quality of insight and execution velocity by helping people and teams operate effectively. Maximise the return on the operating expense of the business and demonstrate those improvements.

reduce waste

The workplace can be full of noisy distraction, daily operational clutter and activity that doesn’t generate useful outcomes. Free up that investment so that people can focus on what matters.

Workplace transformation

Businesses are spending a lot on digital transformation but what about workforce transformation? For digital transformation to succeed the people need to come along too. Are they?

Build engagement with positive culture

Attract and retain talent by empowering your people with data driven insight and recommendations, and creating a culture of mutual accountability and transparency

OfficeSpark combines interaction analytics with “employee voice” to maximize the return on human capital and improve employee experience.

Spotlight: Productivity traps

The life of an average knowledge worker
Knowing what happens is one thing. Making it better is another.

Typically a business spends 70% of its operating expense on people. In a knowledge-based or service business people’s days are built around working together whether that be by email and messaging, in meetings and presentations and through documents. In this context productivity is hard to gauge. Rather than industrial measures of output and time spent in specific activities it is the quality of the interactions that matters. ”Ultimately, Effectiveness will replace productivity as the standard measure of growth“ (Karen Lojeski, the research director for the IIIP). “Just as customer feedback has transformed the customer experience, employee feedback is transforming the employee experience” (Josh Bersin – Bersin by Deloitte). “Systems of Record+Systems of Engagement+Systems of Intelligence=Next Generation of Enterprise Software” (Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce). OfficeSpark combines interaction analytics with “employee voice” to maximize the return on human capital and improve employee experience.

  • Stuck in bad meetings

    Communicating and collaborating internally

  • Inbox bankruptcy

    Reading and answering email of which 20% is confusing or irrelevant

  • Its here somewhere

    Searching and gathering information

  • The job

    Role specific tasks

Officespark for meetings

Different kinds of people think about meetings in different ways. Here are some ways we help them.

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Insight that works for you
You hate being stuck in meetings that drain your time and energy and you love being in ones that inform and excite. Provide anonymous feedback so those running meetings can use your time well.
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Business Executives

Track and improve meeting productivity
Are meetings being used effectively to achieve business goals? Are we trending up or down? Does everyone have a voice? Where are the opportunities for improvement and what are they?
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People Leaders

Understand what is happening for your people
What are the characteristics of your most effective people? Coach for growth and track progress. Work out what you can do to lift your team’s productivity. Is that training paying off?
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Sales manager

Looking after the team and the numbers
How do our clients and prospects see my team? Are there consistent patterns within my team? Can we coach for success by understanding what effective looks like?
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program managers

Looking after complex projects
Are our project meetings working? Are we sharing the right level of insight and is everyone being heard? Are we making decisions and assigning actions efficiently? Is there any project risk here we didn’t see before?
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transformation lead

Transitioning the workforce
Where are our people really at? Can I get a measurable baseline? Are we working more effectively together and is the shift happening quickly enough? Who can help lead the way?

OfficeSpark for messaging

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See the business case for productivity gains

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