team effectiveness is at the heart of your business success

Our mission

Team effectiveness is more important to business success than individual performance. Also, its in teams where the employee experience happens and where culture and engagement is felt. Our goal is to make teams work better by harnessing the power of analytics with relevant, contextual and actionable insight. After all, who doesn't want to work in a good team?

Original research

We also believe that as we are actively supporting teams and have some of the largest data sets on a range of subjects that we should also bring new findings to those interested in the science of teams.

A whole new kind of feedback. OfficeSpark combines quantitative interaction analytics with qualitative and in-context “employee voice” feedback to maximize the return on human capital and improve employee experience.

Spotlight: Team effectiveness

What makes them work (or not)
HR processes are aligned with individuals rather than teams

When teams are effective magic happens. They operate and produce at a level more than the sum of their parts. Conversely when they are just not working they can diminish everyone. What is the essence then of effective teamwork? Sporting teams but serious effort into the measurement and study for continual improvement but we don’t find the same happening in the workplace. Its strange isn’t it? When we think about organisational effectiveness and performance we tend to think about HR. However, most HR processes are focussed on the employee lifecycle and individual employees rather than teams. Given the complexity of teams, its been too hard to get useful information to help manage them – apart from expensive team coaching. We surveyed over 300 teams and found the following issues.

  • Cross functional

    Over 75% of teams have been established across management lines in order to solve a specific problem

  • A network of teams

    The percentage of people that report being on 3 or more different teams within an organisation

  • Every team is different

    Most individuals say that that they work simultaneously with effective and ineffective teams

  • Lack of measurement

    The percentage of team members that state that their is little or no visibility of team performance

Team analytics platform

A complete platform for team analytics
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Team detection

Automatically detect who your teams are without having to enter data
Using OfficeSpark, as employees communicate with one-another we automatically detect which collections of people are the teams in your business, whether they be from within the same organisational group or not
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Track and improve team meeting effectiveness
A key part of your team’s effectiveness is the quality of their meetings. By analysing the quality of team meetings incrementally, OfficeSpark creates insight to determine where opportunities for improvements might be
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Are teams living out the values and culture that the organisation is aspiring for?
Our platform helps businesses gauge the degree to which individual teams are expressing corporate values such as innovation, inclusion, diversity and accountability. Its in teams where these matter most.
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Determine whether teams are achieving and what the underlying factors are
OfficeSpark uses a range of academic and empirically determined factors to gauge the effectiveness of teams. See real-time how well all your teams are tracking, and what factors are driving those results
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Change measurement

Measure the benefits of L&D as well as organisational transformation on your teams
As experience and conditions change so do behaviours. Measure the impact and ROI on L&D exercises. See in real-time the impact of workplace changes and the impacts on both productivity and culture

OfficeSpark is a project of Lever Analytics, providers of analytics consulting and product incubation.


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